Samsung HS40

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CrystalLive™ is Samsung’s latest generation ultrasound imaging engine, featuring improved 2D image and color signal processing to deliver stunning images and efficient workflow even in the most complex cases.

  • 21.5″ backlit LED monitor
  • Solid State Hard Disk Drives (SSDs) These stable and secure hard drives allow fast power up, higher frame rates and high processing speeds.
  • The 10.1″ touchscreen is extraordinarily sensitive and improves the efficiency of the ultrasound system.

The HS40 system features a 21.5-inch backlit LED monitor that offers excellent contrast, increased image clarity and vibrant colors in all lighting conditions.

HQ-Vision™ offers sharper images by minimizing the typical feature of ultrasound images, which are more blurred than the real view.

This new technology ensures greater image uniformity, both in surface and deeper planes, minimizing noise. In combination with ClearVision and MultiVision, S-Harmonic™ technology improves the quality of images captured with the HS40 system.

It is a noise reduction filter that improves edge sharpness by creating more defined 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of Samsung technology leads to a dramatic improvement in image quality. Clear Vision provides optimization for each clinical application and higher time resolution in live scan mode.

The MultiVision function electronically controls and directs the signal, combining different scan planes to provide a better image. MultiVision provides excellent spatial resolution and contrast, with less artifact.

Quick Preset
With a simple touch the operator can select the desired transducer and its settings. This function maximizes efficiency and makes the daily work routine easier and faster.


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