GE Logiq F8

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Easy to use, compact and ultra modern with its 17″ LCD monitor, LOGIQ® F8 is ideal for small and large animals,

Equipped with an image optimization function able to allow examinations through a faster adjustment of the basic parameters, assisting the operator in the execution of the examination.
Doppler with color coding allows the qualitative evaluation of blood flow with high sensitivity and new intelligent algorithms for the suppression of motion artifacts.
Power function allows better representation of small vessels and low perfusion areas.
The use of Raw Data – Raw Data Technology allows more complete post-processing useful for the revision of archival exams for subsequent evaluations.
The acquisition and archiving of ultrasound images are a high quality feature through full compatibility of remote management (network) or through HD, DVD, USB media.

Wide choice of transducers

Microconvex, Linear high-frequency, Phased array for cardioogenic studies.

The linear probes allow the ” Trapezoidal ” mode to allow the operator more panoramic study, the microconvex probes allow intercostal and subcostal approaches favored by the small footprint.


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