Philips Affiniti 50

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  • Excellent image quality
  • The most advanced hardware and architecture in the segment
  • 21.5″ LED monitor and 12″ touchscreen as EPIQ series
  • Optional articulated monitor arm
  • Advanced workflow: iSCAN for B/C/D
  • Extremely light and silent
  • SonoCT: Composed of real-time images
  • XRES: virtually eliminates all speckle noise and improves boundary definition
  • Continuous AutoSCAN image optimization based on Brightness and TGC
  • iOPTIMIZATION: Single button adjustment for different patient sizes, flow states of clinical requirements
  • WideSCAN: extended field of view during SonoCT imaging
  • Sleep mode 20 seconds, transport mode with battery for 45 minutes
  • Auto Doppler flow optimization (color box position, angle, PW sample volume positioning, automatic flow tracking)
  • QLAB: easy to use vascular quantification tools (embedded or PC-based)
  • QLAB: IMT measurement and vascular plate quantification
  • QLAB: MVI microvascular imaging
  • GI, OB/GYN and vascular measurement packages and flexible report format
  • 3 endocavitary probes for 2D and 4D imaging (C10-4ec, C9-4v, 3D9-3v)
  • Breast imaging strain-based processing (L12-5)
  • Strain-based elastography for gynecological and pelvic imaging (C10-3v)
  • High-performance linear probes and field hockey stick probes for the operating room
  • Cheaper probes than those of Affiniti 70


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