Linkmed consulting was born from experiences gained in the international field through a direct knowledge of local markets and institutions of the economic sectors of reference.

Years of activity in the sector have allowed the development of relational networks with the highest institutional offices in European and African countries and the aggregation of various private companies in the sector.

We offer consultancy for the energy, health and food sectors to structure and implement sustainable forms of collaboration through the application of project finance or public-private partnership (PPP) agreements to know the fundamental rules through the necessary managerial, economic-financial and legal skills, with the aim of making meaningful contributions to development and modernization in these fields.

The Healthcare sector sees us as a strategic partner for the creation of new integrated projects and the expansion of existing ones. Thanks to our expertise in the management of biomedical technologies, we are able to provide complete solutions from design to supply, up to maintenance of the entire installed technology park, relieving the customer from the economic-managerial technical burden.

In the energy field we propose the best solutions for the production of clean energy based on wind, solar, geothermal and bio mass technologies, analyzing in advance the scenario we suggest projects tailored to the customer, combining the plants with modern energy storage systems to make the most of the energy produced.

Linkmed consulting for the food sector boasts professionals with in-depth knowledge of foreign markets and sustainable cultures in line with the climatic changes taking place. The many years of experience gained in the African continent has allowed to suggest virtuous agricultural policies and bring substantial advantages in the entire production chain in the agro-food markets.