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Product Description

The LOGIQ P9 is a highly capable ultrasound system that provides excellent image quality and productivity through easy to use tools across a wide range of applications in a portable, ergonomic, budget-friendly system design.
System Architecture
P-Agile Architecture – Agile architecture is GE’s innovative, patented, model- based technology provides vast computational power, ease of imaging, workflow flexibility and product upgrade- ability. It has been migrated to LOGIQ P9 as P-Agile architecture.

Operating Modes
• B-Mode
• Coded Harmonic Imaging
• M-Mode
• Color Flow Mode (CFM)
• Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) with
directional map
• PW Doppler with High PRF
• M-Color Flow Mode
• Anatomical M-Mode
• Anatomical M-Color Mode
• B-FlowTM/B-Flow Color Mode (option)
• Extended Field of View (LOGIQ View,
• B Steer + (option)
• Coded Contrast Imaging2 (option)
• CW Doppler Mode (option)
• Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) Mode
• Elastography (option)
• SW DVR (option)
• 3D/4D Volume Modes :
– 3D Static (option)
– 4D Realtime (option)


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