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The LOGIQ P9 is a high-performance ultrasound system that offers excellent image quality and high productivity thanks to easy-to-use tools for a wide range of applications, all in a portable, ergonomic and economical system.
Focus on image quality
With LOGIQ F8, exceptional image quality helps you to provide your diagnosis. The clarity helps you to detect anomalies or small pathologies.
The increased image contrast helps you to distinguish between different types of tissue. The ability to image both superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration, helps you to obtain images with confidence.
Incorporating the established capabilities of GE’s flagship ultrasound systems, the LOGIQ F8 offers you an affordable way to bring the benefits of advanced, high-performance ultrasound to your patients.
Advanced tools and intuitive protocols simplify image acquisition and improve the overall quality of your images, thanks to our suite of features including
– Harmonic imaging by phase inversion – CrossXBeam*
– Shimmer reduction imaging
Cutting-edge capabilities allow you to improve spatial resolution and contrast and fine-tune edge definition for exceptional image clarity.



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